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Wood Energy

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Green With Energy ! 

Wood has remained a traditional fuel for heating in many countries, mostly because it is locally available, cheap and easy to handle. With modern advances in technology it is now regarded as a renewable source of energy that can make an important contribution to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Modern wood-chip and pellet boilers and stoves are well established in Europe. For example, there are 100,000's of wood-chip and pellet boilers installed and over 3 million tonnes of wood-pellets are consumed a year. Biomass heating systems are reliable, efficient, clean burning with low emissions, fully automatic and as convenient to use as modern oil and gas fired systems. The UK is now promoting biomass energy and the market could very well take off in the near future

Meet Environmental Targets

Many businesses, organisations and local authorities are increasingly setting targets and development objectives for the environment and energy conservation. The substitution of biomass for oil or gas in heating systems can make a very important contribution to achieving many of these goals. Industries that are looking to adopt green and environmentally friendly practices to help enhance their image may also gain a competitive advantage over rival companies.