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Wood Energy

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Why Biomass


Low emissions and high performance: Wood energy boilers are smokeless and meet the European standard EN303-5 for heating appliances. Emissions are very low in sulphur and hydro-carbons compared to oil.  Typically boilers can be turned down to 20% of their rated output and have efficiencies in excess of 85%. Automatic ignition, de-ashing and fire tube cleaning are now standard features on many top of the range models.

Typical fuel prices in p/kWh

Heizomat boiler prices in per kW

Case study

Victorian manor house/office conversion with 250kW heat load:   

                                     Oil       Wood-chip 

    Annual Fuel Costs    8,000      3,500 

            Boiler Costs   15,000     30,000 

           Fuel Savings                     4,500

Easy to install: Wood-chip and pellet boilers are designed to replace existing oil and gas boilers and can be coupled directly with the existing heating system.  Fuel silos and bunkers are a special consideration and can often be located out of sight, underground or built into adjacent buildings often without major reconstruction.

Local fuel supply: Wood-chip is available from local authorities, tree surgeons and woodland owners.  Wood pellet supply is also increasing and will be available locally at specific locations.  Depending upon the fuel silo configuration, wood-chip can be delivered either in dump bags, tipper trailers or by air blowers. Mercia Energy works with local suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply of quality wood fuel.

Medium & long term benefits: With ever increasing gas and oil prices wood-fuel offers protection against high heating costs. Although boilers are typically 2-3 times the cost of oil  and gas fired systems.  However, wood-chip may be freely available on farms, estates and at sawmills. When wood-chips are bought locally, typical costs range from 25 - 40 per tonne.