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Case Studies

Capernwray Hall

A Heizomat 500KW Series RHK-AK boiler has been installed at Capernwray Hall, a residential training, conference and holiday centre located near Carnforth in Lancashire.

The wood-chip boiler will provide central heating and hot water to 5 separate buildings via a mini-district heating scheme replacing individual oil fired boilers in each of the buildings. 

The Heizomat 500kW boiler has been sized to provide the base load out of an estimated peak of 750kW. Back up and support will be provided by an oil-fired boiler.

A new below ground boiler house and fuel bunker has been constructed and is connected to the buildings via 1.2km of underground heating mains.



Boiler lowered by crane into boiler room

The 7m x 7m x 3m fuel bunker with 140m3 capacity will be filled from the top by tipper trailer.

The Hall currently uses an estimated 120,000 ltrs of heating oil annually and recent rises in fuel prices have increased heating costs significantly.  The new Heizomat boiler will use an estimated 400 tonnes of slab-wood which will be supplied from local sawmills and will be stored, dried and chipped (using a Heizohack chipper) on site by Capernwray Farm.  Converting to wood fuel is expected to reduce Capernwray’s fuel expenditure up to 50%.

Bure Valley Farm

A 60kW Veto-maxi boiler and 6m3 storage silo has been installed at Bure Valley Farm, Norfolk.

The Veto wood-chip boiler will provide central heating and hot water to the main farm house, holiday cottages and B&B facility for 18 persons.  The boiler and silo will be installed in an adjacent barn and connected to the heating system via a short underground heating mains.

The silo will be filled using the farms front end loader with wood-chip supplied from the farm’s own woodland and supplemented

with wood-chip from a local contractor. The Veto boiler will provide all of the sites heating and hot water needs. Backup heating will be provided by the farms oil fired range cooker and boiler. Electric emersion heaters will be used for emergency hot water.

The overall heating load has been estimated at 110,000kWh per year and would require in the region of 10,000 litres of oil costing between £3,000 and £3,600 based upon recent oil prices.  The Veto wood-chip boiler will require about 31 tonnes of wood-chip at 30% moisture.  The annual cost of wood-chip will vary depending upon how much can be processed at the farm.

Overwater Hotel

A 12 bedroom family owned Hotel located in the Lakes.

A Heizomat 100kW wood-chip boiler has been installed as a replacement for an old (25 years +) 120kW oil-fired boiler.  Average annual oil consumption was around 22,000 litres.

The wood-chip boiler provides all heat and hot water requirements for the Hotel and an adjacent house (barn conversion).  A back up LPG boiler has been installed for emergencies. Average wood-chip consumption will be 63 tonnes per year and will be sourced from a local sawmill.

The cost of the installation has been funded through a Carbon trust interest free loan and investment funds from the Hotel owners,

Payback is around five years.


Partial underground bunker (50m3 capacity is filled with Heizohack Chipper hired locally

Discharge and feed auger