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The Veto range of silos and burners are of a rugged and simple design. They are easy to operate and maintain   They are suited to farming and other rural applications.

System specifications:

  • Stoker boiler with 85% efficiency

  • Integral indirect domestic hot water coil

  • Range of direct coupled Silos from 0.5-10m3

  • Simple manual ignition

  • Safety: Water dosing, air tight silos

  • Drop zone and spring agitator optional


Veto Stoker Boiler


Range in size from 30kW to 150kW.  The Veto stoker boiler is effective and versatile with a large water capacity and large domestic hot water output from independent hot water coils.


A direct coupled silo and burner with a 40kW output.  The Veto-mat has a silo size of 0.5m3 and has a low filling height which makes it ideal for manual filling.


Veto Chip-Matic and Maxi

A direct coupled silo and burner with a range of outputs from 40kW to 120kW.  The Chip-Matic standard silo is 1m3 and can be extended to 2.5m3.  The Maxi standard silos are 6, 8 and 10m3 and are suitable for large heating applications. 

Fuel Handling

Drop Cells, spring agitators and walking floors are for large heating applications with long filling intervals. They also provide added protection against burn back.